Mirror of a lifetime

The mirror of a lifetime is a pile of cow dung.

 To be precise, a simple, innocent and kind heart.

 Cow dung is just an introduction.

 That was in the early 1970s. At that time, middle school students, unlike today's middle school students, were inside and outside the classroom, all physically and mentally in books.

 At that time, middle school students, outside the classroom, advocated learning from Lei Feng, and advocated doing good things.

 And how to learn, how to do it, that is your own thing, that is the behavior from the heart.

 In this environment, what happened in my life is remembered.

 A female classmate, on a rural dirt road to school, encountered a pile of cow dung, fresh.

 At that time, the rural production team had few walking tractors, and there were no concrete roads. They were all dirt roads.

 Cows and horses often walk on the road, cow and horse dung can often be seen.

 Saw it, walked by, cow and horse dung gradually dried on the dirt road, and finally was blown away by the wind, scattered between the heavens and the earth.

 But this time, our female classmate encountered this pile of fresh cow dung.

 Cow dung is a good field fertilizer, so the female classmates took off their coats, put it on the dirt road, held the cow dung on their clothes with their hands, wrapped them in clothes, and took them away.

 Cow dung has been quietly put into the public (collective) manure pile, this scene has passed for decades!

 A few months ago, at the post office in my hometown, I happened to meet a male student in the same class and his wife. My female student of the same class, which female student covered her dung with her own clothes.

 I can't imagine that when she was not wealthy at the time, a piece of clothing was very precious, and a precious piece of clothing did not hesitate to bring in cow dung.

 Years made her very old. Although their village was demolished, they lived in high-rise buildings, and the children had their own houses, but she was still carved out by the years as a typical old peasant woman.

 But my heart is still full of the respect that I had when I was young!

 A pile of cow dung, a simple, innocent and kind heart!

 A mirror for a lifetime, according to how I live.

 How to be a person, do things, do things that are good for people, and be good for the world, be a simple, innocent and kind person!

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