How Big Should My Hollywood Bathroom Vanity Mirror Be?

Are you fond of Hollywood mirrors and wanted to add them to your bathroom? And, are you wondering if what the ideal size is? You’ve come to the right page.

 A bathroom is not complete without adding a mirror, especially if you want to add a Hollywood vanity mirror. It adds a classiness and luxurious feel. Aside from that, it is essential for grooming. And, we know that getting the right mirror size is vital. 

To make it easy for you, we have prepared a guide on choosing the best mirror size for a bathroom. It is essential, especially if you have a new bathroom and find it challenging to find an ideal proportion of mirrors.

So, how big should my Hollywood bathroom vanity mirror be

To know the ideal size of the vanity mirror, here's some quick tips that you can follow.

Take the Measurement of your countertop.

Make sure that you have taken note of the width of your countertop. It is essential since this will be the basis of your mirror size.

If you already have the total width of your countertop, to find an ideal size is to make sure that the mirror's width is at least 1-2 inches lesser than your countertop. Wherein you can position it on the center of your bathroom vanity.

For example, if you have a standard vanity of 30", you can have a mirror with a width of not more than 28". Also, if you have a 36" vanity, you can choose a 31.5" Fenchilin Hollywood Pro Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker – another fabulous addition to your bathroom.

31.5 inch hollywood vanity mirror


If you have a sink area that is about 24”, you may opt for a 22 inches hollywood vanity mirror.

22.8 inch hollywood mirror

Consider your height and everyone that will use the mirror to know how high you can hang the mirror.

If you wonder how high you should hang a vanity mirror, it is essential to consider your height and everyone who uses the bathroom. It will also depend on the ceiling height and your eye level. It’s better if you can see your whole face while you are standing straight. It must be tall enough that your face will not cut off.

But, you may also follow a standard rule where it can be placed above at least 5-10 inches above the sink area.

You can also base on the highest part of the faucet, which must be a few inches above it. Also, it is ideal to position the mirror at the center of your sink.

But, what is the ideal height of a vanity mirror? 

In terms of standard height, you can choose a mirror that is 28" to 34" high. Also, if you want unconventional size, you may go lower than 28," but you have to consider its purpose and your wall. If you're going to see your half-body, you can go higher than 28", if you want to see just your face, you can go lower than 28" as long as it is still a few inches than your ceiling.

Consider the number of sinks that you have.

If you have a double sink, it is ideal for adding two mirrors. Just like on a single mirror rule, the mirror must be positioned at the center. It must be few inches away from your sink.

For example, if you have a standard size of 72” vanity, you can add two 31.5” Hollywood mirrors on each sink. Below is a popular arrangement if you have a double sink and add Hollywood vanity mirrors.

hollywood mirror on double sink

Take Note

In general, you can choose a Hollywood vanity mirror slightly a few inches shorter than your vanity cabinet or sink. Also, you’re good to go if you position the mirror high enough to keep your head visible. And the width of your mirror does exceed the total width of your vanity cabinet. 

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