How to Choose the Best Makeup Mirror

Are you a makeup lover? Or are you an office worker? Or are you attending a party? Or do you have a job interview in the upcoming days?

If you are fulfilling at least one above-mentioned condition, a makeup mirror is a crucial object for you. It proves your best friend, and you cannot go outside without looking your magnifying image into it.

Your branded makeup kit, make-up brushes, blow-dryers, and sunscreen become useless without the best makeup mirror. Magnification and clarity are two important aspects when you look at your reflected image in the mirror, and they cannot accomplish without the best suitable mirror.

In this article, we are going to provide a buying guide about makeup mirrors. Let us get started.

Types of Makeup Mirrors 

It is an arduous task to find the right mirror for yourself. The top three types of makeup mirrors present below will help you to make an appropriate choice according to your needs.

1.    Vanity Mirror

It is the best mirror that appeals to professionals and makeup enthusiasm. Vanity mirrors are present in rectangular or square shapes. Many light bulbs fix around the edges of these mirrors that help to maintain a clear and magnified image of a face.

Their easy adjustable and moveable feature makes them top trendy for makeup passion. The one negative point is that you cannot use it if you are a tourist or need quick touch-ups because they are only available in larger sizes.

Handheld Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker| FENCHILIN

2.    Magnifying mirror 

A magnifying mirror is indispensable for your perfect makeup look. If you want to see your detailed makeup, these mirrors make up for you.

Before choosing a magnifying mirror, take a closure look at its magnification. You should buy a mirror having 7x to 10x magnification. There are many chances to become a distorted image through the magnifying mirror if its magnification greater than ten.

It is very valuable for applying eyeliner, concealer, blemishes, and contact lenses. Another cap in its feather is that you can use it even you are traveling because of its diverse sizes which are available in the market.

Hollywood Plus Vanity Mirror Magnifying Mirror

3.    Lighted mirror

If you are one of those makeup freaks who just started to love makeup, this lighted mirror is appropriate for you. With light bulbs or LED lights, provide a consistent light that is very crucial to get rid of uneven surfaces of different makeup products and shadows.

The plus point of the lighted mirror is that you can apply makeup anytime without any difficulty with the assistance of a lighted mirror. Whether it is daytime or nighttime, the LED lights of this mirror create a balanced light for the finest makeup look.

Hollywood Iconic Pro Vanity Mirror

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Makeup mirror

No doubt, a makeup mirror is an essential piece in your makeup accessories. Some factors which are necessary to consider before purchasing a makeup mirror present below.

1)    Position and mounting style 

After choosing the best mirror for your makeup application, the next point is its installation. A mirror should fix in a place that is easily accessible for you. It may be installed in your bathroom or bedroom. Do not choose a place for your mirror which is not comfortable for you.

Select the best position of your home to install it. Vanities, bathroom counters, and dressers are three key elements that should notice during the fixation process of the mirror. The mirror should set in such a position that anyone does not need to strain his neck to get your glance in a makeup mirror.

There are two types of mounting styles for makeup mirrors which are wall and tabletop. The benefit of tabletop style is that you can move your mirror at any place anytime. If you have a big family or children, choose a wall-mounted style.

2)    Lighting 

After completing the process of the installation of a mirror, the next step is to adjust the lighting. Natural light is the best solution to the lighting problem, but the question is that how to get natural light at night. The best answer is that you have to fix artificial lights for your mirror.

Lighted mirrors can solve your lighting issue. You can also embed fluorescent lights, LED lights, and incandescent bulbs but be careful about their heat that can spoil your flawless makeup look. For balanced light, you can choose makeup mirrors of different styles.

3)    Magnification

The degree of magnification for your mirror is the third important factor to consider. You have to choose those mirrors with specific magnification which comfortable for you.

Some people use the degree of magnification from 3x to 10x. From normal to poor vision, these degrees are suitable. If you choose a 15-degree magnification of your mirror, it can distort your looks.

Now makeup mirrors are available that have two sides. One is magnifying, and the other is non-magnified. You can also choose them. Your preference matters in choosing a makeup mirror.

4)    Mirror design 

Makeup mirrors are available in different designs. Metal frames and plastic frames are prevalent for mirrors. Pedestals and foldable features of makeup mirrors make them portable. You can choose any mirror frame or style for your makeup mirrors.

Pro Tips in Purchasing Makeup Mirror 

  1. Choose plastic mirrors for travel but a metal-framed mirror for the home.
  2. Use fluorescent bulbs which resemble natural light.
  3. Save energy by using fluorescent lights for the mirror that save 70% energy as compared to incandescent bulbs.
  4. For detailed and undistorted images, assure your closeness in front of the makeup mirror.
  5. Choose mirrors which is adjustable regarding position and lighting.

Wrapping up 

The sole purpose of writing this article is to inform you about the best makeup mirror. We have provided types, factors, and quick tips related to makeup mirrors. We hope you have gotten a beneficial knowledge about makeup mirrors and you can find the best makeup for you with the help of this buying guide of the makeup mirror.

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