Look at myself in the mirror

The life of an office worker always wants to be lazy on the bed, always rushing out, always forgetting that looking in the mirror may be beautiful, without carefully looking at myself, when one day, I really You can look at yourself quietly, it must be when you are squeezing acne, and suddenly one day, you find yourself in the mirror a little beautiful, and find that you are not bad when you smile, and you will give yourself a touching smile in the mirror. . Occasionally, I found that my skin was dry, I found some spots, rushed to drink water, and rushed to make up. It seemed that I came a little late, and I still said to myself, "I am born with beauty." Only at this time, you can see that your smile is beautiful, and I feel a little lonely.

Maybe simple life doesn't deliberately choose something, can distinguish good and bad, or live with nature, riding a leisurely bike, want to see the scenery along the road, but found that all around you Not the life you want. I am always unwilling to accept, to accept some life that is not my own, but I know that such a life is nearby, there is no way to stop, and no time to simply.

Some are depressed, some are tired, and some feel false. Maybe this is what I have to face every day. I started to reject, but I knew that I could only accept it. I learned the experience that I had never experienced before, but found that every experience was a more Good start, maybe there will still be injuries, but I still see my bravery again and again, I see my persistence again and again, and I see the back of the injury. When I was growing up, I did n’t feel it was a pain, and It's a kind of luck. Fortunately, I will encounter such a bad thing. Fortunately, I will have such an adventure. Fortunately, I will have such an experience. I have learned more and made me know too much.

Many people always want to complain when they are frustrated, so that they may get sympathy; when they are injured, they can only cry, maybe this is also a vent and release of grievances; always when they are unhappy I will think of why I am so unlucky, but I will never think of the other side of him; I am blinded by the world, there is no answer for affirming my heart.

If all this is not the life you want, look at what you say to yourself in the mirror. (It is to give up a life that does not belong to you. You are experiencing life bravely. Come to Haiyan, "Let the storm be more violent." "Just be sure to smile at yourself in the mirror.

Tell you a secret, the mirror will have a magical induction, which will make you happy every day!

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